Online store management

It is easy to launch and operate an online store after you decide what products to sell and what each store specializes in. However, the real challenge is how to manage the online stores in order to achieve the sales goals.


It is easy to launch and operate an online store after you decide what products to sell and what each store specializes in. However, the real challenge is how to manage the online stores in order to achieve the sales goals.


It takes a lot of time and effort to manage an online store effectively and provide a great customer experience.


Having effective management will help you maintain a positive impact on your overall productivity. Thus, you need to understand all aspects of online store management and its best practices to improve your inventory and enhance customer experience.


In this course, you will learn the basics and mechanisms of how to work on the success of online sales projects or electronic stores. This course will give you the valuable practical and applied experience you will need to succeed in management.


The course begins with an introduction to e-commerce and e-store management. Next, you'll learn how to run and manage an online store efficiently and effectively. In addition to managing store operations during marketing campaigns.


Choosing your team carefully is your responsibility as an online store manager to help you outperform your competitors. So, how do you choose your team? This is what we will learn together throughout our educational journey.


Additionally, we will discuss how to collect payments in the store, since there are several methods of payment in the world of managing the electronic store. We will also discuss how to deal with storage, shipping, and returns issues, which are among the most problems that you will face when managing electronic stores.


Management of electronic stores requires an effective customer service system because it is the key to customer security and one of the most important reasons for completing the purchase process. Some customers even test customer service before making a purchase.

How will you communicate with your online store customers? This is what you will learn in the customer follow-up and support unit.


Customer service employees are the basis for achieving the profits of your store, so you will also learn through this course how to manage and take care of customer service employees, under the saying “Take care of your employees and they will take care of your customers.”


Course topics:


  • Introduction to e-commerce

What is the concept of e-commerce? What are electronic stores? What is its importance in today's digital market?


  • Effective e-commerce management

What are the methods of managing an online store effectively? How to convert a visitor into a customer? What are the most important numbers for performance indicators?


  • Marketing for store products and how to manage store operations during marketing campaigns

What is the e-marketing plan for the store? What is the e-marketing plan for products? What are the marketing plans for the products and the website during the campaigns? How to dispose of the goods?


  • Online store work team: how to choose

How to build the ideal work team? How to manage the team in the online store? The importance of introducing you to your work team in the different departments of the company? What is the career path development plan for the work team?


  •  In-store payment methods

What are the payment and transfer systems used in electronic stores? Payment by credit cards: Visa Card - Master Card, cash on delivery, bank transfers, other systems.


  •  How to handle storage, shipping and returns issues

How to process inventory for physical products? How to arrange the products in a specific way for easy access? Who is responsible for shipping? What is the importance of shipping products to the customer in the specified times and form according to the customer’s wishes and request, while preserving the products from damage or breakage? What are the disadvantages of doing the opposite? What are the details of the return policy? What are the factors helping to reduce the number of returns?


  • How to follow up and support customers

How will you communicate with your online store customers?


  •  Learn about after-sales services

How to deal with customer requests, discount systems, packaging, shipping and delivery, customer inquiries and complaints


  • How to manage customer service employees

How do you manage and take care of customer service staff?


This course is specially designed for anyone who wants to manage an online store professionally and within a very short period of time. We wish you an enjoyable follow-up and enough valuable information to take you to the professional level.


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